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Bof, pas trop utile


Good to use

Very nice to have and usefull this tool can help you whenever you want


Very good for altitude but not for location

Top altimeter app

Very pointed values !!! It works perfect! Here in Brazil I can help u with other data gps data to improve the aster signal and improve accuracy in both! Congratulations my friend! Regards Carceroni @thiagocarceroni Twitter


Great app, does the job And gives coord. (Lat, Lon). 5 stars.


Muito bom


Useful tool to roughly evaluate the heights - fast calculations.



This App is the most accurate I have seen...

I have reviewed many Altimeter Apps and purchased at least 3. This is definitely the most accurate. I recommend this App. I gave it only 4 stars because I feel the interface could still use a little improvement...


Used it on a motorcycle tour of BC. Really useful, and useable anywhere.

Sweet and accurate

Great that they included the Maps! Would be awesome if you could search elevation by using a home address!

Great app

Very accurate


Very accurate. Best one yet


Very good app. Accurate as stated. Slick interface.

Altimeter gps/aster

The only altimeter app that regularly works. Well done. Steelhedd

No good above ground

Took on an aircraft (not over 10,000) and does not work on either mode when airborne. Complete failure when cell coverage is lost.

Great app

Very accurate


Surprising accurate , much better than gps readings

Solid as mountain rock...

And I know because I had the rare opportunity to put this app head to head against its yellow faced competitor in the mountains. Doesnt seem to burn data in either mode (tested in airplane mode) and registered quickly (the 2 modes varied by ~2m as indicated) The graphics are on theme and totally cool and complimentary. The added home screen info (map access and Lat. & Long.) were welcome and not intrusive. The only niggle would be to use some more vertical blank space by elongating the numbers and soften the shadows for increased legibility. We were on the move and could only briefly glance at the screen. The competitor (whose name shall not be mentioned) was more legible EVEN though it had a smaller type size. This is only an issue at high speeds with turbulent bump - but it would also tighten up the interface a little especially given that iPhone 5 has even more real estate than my 4s. ( For all I know, they will add more data to the home screen because of the extra i5 real estate - just please dont put banner ads there!) Really a 4.5/5 but we cant award 1/2 stars so a niggle costs a whole point!


Neat stuff Well done. It is a pleasure to use

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